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Hertz Free-To-Go Pass Terms & Conditions * Discount applies to pay later base rate. Applicable for rentals in participating U.S.A locations. Taxes and fees excluded. The $2 per gallon fixed rate refueling charge is subject to national average calculations and may change at any time if there is an increase in national average gas prices.

Hertz did not charge my card.
Hertz does not accept certain types of ATC. Specific acceptance however will not be determined until arrival at the counter. It is recommended that a major charge card be available for payment should the ATC you carry not be accepted. Miscellaneous Charge Orders – MCO’s do not qualify a customer to rent. The customer must still meet standard.
Hertz, stated they are sorry they did not have a car available, however they did not charge hotwire, so therefore I needed to contact hotwire, and my credit card company for dispute. Capitalone stated they are standing by Hotwire and will not refund the charge.
When I got my receipt, I got charged an extra $72 for fuel and service!! This is apart from the crazy airport taxes that I already knew that I had to pay. Seems like many people get this BOGUS fuel and service charge. I called back Hertz, the person at the other end did not ask for much details and did not dispute this.

Europe – Help! Anyone else victim of Hertz rental car return damages charge scam? – We just returned from a vacation and were absolutely shocked and livid at finding two charges from Hertz, one.
Please explain why my credit card has a ***$ pending hertz hold since the **th. I did call and speak to hertz and had my time extended which I was told I was taken care of. Please release the pending three hundred dollars or due explain why I’m being penalized and not able to use my credit card as of the **th because of this situation.
You responded, “Because I have several charges on my bill from Hertz Rent a Car, even toll road charges that I did not make. I have rented a car from Hertz before using my charge card, so they had my info.” I appreciate the line of thinking, but it’s just as likely that the credit card information came from a different source.

I never signed any agreement and never authorized Hertz to charge my credit card. Their employee did not even tell me “I am going to charge your card in the amount of $ xxxx . I was not even aware of the amount of $ 385,- before I saw the charge when I went online into my banking account. I did not get a credit card slip either.
If the card you used to rent the car has been subsequently cancelled, Hertz would not have been able to make any charge and might be attempting collection some other way. If the credit card on file with the French rental office is still valid and no attempt was ever made by them to use the card for a claim of money owed, the legitimacy of any.
The agent who took the keys did not check the car back in but said it was all OK. A few days later I discovered that Hertz had debited a further £239.77 from my Visa account. I have had no.

Please contact [email protected] If it has been at least 7 days from when you returned the car and you still do not see your receipt, please contact customer service. Rentals in the U.S. and Canada paid for by European company Hertz Charge Cards, may return the original U.S. receipts in the U.S. currency.
No I did not mean “late charge” but but just a charge I do not have a clue, any info or any document to proof or understand what it is. I have started the process with my credit card company and queries towards Hertz. BUT: they do have my contact information including emails – weren’t they supposed inform me about any additional charges to my.
Please contact [email protected] If it has been at least 7 days from when you returned the car and you still do not see your receipt, please contact customer service. Rentals in the U.S. and Canada paid for by European company Hertz Charge Cards, may return the original U.S. receipts in the U.S. currency.

Hertz | Gold Plus Rewards – Hertz and Billing – I’m in the middle of a 6 day rental, but was checking AMEX web site and it show’s that Hertz has already charged me 54.00 for the rental. Is this SOP to charge a portion of the rental mid rental? I’ve never seen this before.
When you pick up the car, Hertz would put a hold of $400 on your credit card. When you return the car, your credit card would be billed $300 and you would receive the $100 back within a day. If you rent with a debit card. On the day of pickup, Hertz will put a hold on your bank account tied to your debit card for the full cost of the rental.
My credit card company agree after reaching out the Hertz and Hertz refusing to provide enough and accurate information about the charge. Then Hertz reached out to me saying I owed them for the.

My last hertz rental, it took them over a week to close out my contract and charge my credit card. It was a one-way rental though, and they blamed the delay on the fact that the two locations utilized different systems even though they were both corporate owned locations. Reply. Sep 18, 14, 2:57 am.
Hertz will send you a PDF copy of your eReceipt within 30 minutes of closing your Rental Agreement. You will also need a credit card. Hertz does not allow you to sign up for this program with a debit card. If you have a credit card that provides rental car coverage, strongly consider using that credit card.
It is not our policy to provide refunds for unused days per our terms and conditions for pre-paid rentals. Our records indicate Ms. Steele disputed the charge with her credit card company, which provided a refund for the charge. Due to this, Hertz did not collect the funds; therefore, the amount was put in collections.

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